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PhysioMed Trading is a Part of Business Group International FZC established in 1998, but one which brought up by and by. We, a group of dedicated Professionals globally linked with toiled the life to get it being in global identity. Heading the 2nd decade, delightfully we disclose that more entries and enquiries are aiming us to participate in making prosperity. Let’s tell humbly, it is our proud that we are the sole agent in Middle East and India subcontinent in those kinds we are dealing with.The establishment is carrying on the dealings to‐and‐from between European, Asian and African countries in wide variety field comprised of a) Medical Equipments, b) Aesthetic Equipments &  C) Healthcare Software.
A. Medical Equipments & Accessories:
Our medical division deals with the products from Europe especially of leading manufacturers from Italy
and U.K. The products mainly are in the range of followings.
1. Hospital Equipments
2. Patient Rehabilitation Equipments
3. Physiotherapy Equipments
4. Orthopedic and Orthotic Items
5. Advanced Laser Machines
6. Ultrasound Machines
7. Hydrotherapy Items
8. Slimming Systems
9. Exercise Machines & Equipments
10. Educational Items
11. Homecare Appliances
B. Aesthetic Equipments
Our Slim Care on is running for ladies only Aesthetic Slimming Clinics in different emirates
of U.A.E. with the head office in Dubai. And Slimming Equipments Trading to all The GCC countries. This
mission was actually the adventurous promoting one that which the electronic equipment can be
effectively used to treat problems those were previously thought to be treatable by plastic surgeons.
Now this branch of Medical treatment is successfully and widely accepted among them who are
suffering from excess fat and fluid. We run the clinics with committed staff professionally trained in
exclusively and regularly earning more and more appreciation from their customers.
C. Health Care Software
We have been tied up with the experts and research fellows of Europe and India who are concentrated
mainly on the unresolved problems of health, and are coordinated to utilize the findings to the
community. The results are already formatted as user friendly software and distributed among the
professional practitioners and users. The software acts as effective method of continuous medical
education as well as the guide and reference. For e.g. Slims Aesthetic Slimming software is to find the
body perfection and imperfection of the elements, then to suggest the remedy.
We prevail in Middle East, especially in U.A.E since 1998; follow the principle of efficacious venture to
join hand in hand with you in business to find more smiling and satisfying customers furthermore and
undoubtedly to make beneficial future for both of us.
So, we are happy and proud to say that there are a lot of regular and satisfied customers to our business
list who still patronizes us by their continuous business dealings with us.
Our Customers
Also come across and handles a wide range of customers which are already in running and to be
launched newly such as Hospitals, Armed Forces, Pharmacies, Rehabilitation Centers, Sports Clubs,
Educational Institutions, Health Spas and Beauty Saloons in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait,
U.A.E., Egypt, India, Hong Kong so and so ……….
Contact Us:
Dubai : P.O. BOX: 42979, DUBAI, U.A.E. Tel: 00971 4 2964097. Fax: 00971 4 2546964.
Abu Dhabi : P.O. Box 32979, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Tel: 00971 2 6343661, Fax: 00971 2 6343884
Freezone : P.B.No.5481, FREE ZONE, FUJAIRAH, U.A.E. Tel: 00971 9 2282812. Fax: 00971 9 2282813.
E‐mail: physio@emirates.net.ae This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
An Outlook of dealings:
A. Medical Equipments
Hospital Equipments Stretchers, Specialist Treatment Tables & Couches, Treatement Carts Trolleys……
Rehabilitation Equipments Suspension systems, CPM, Massagers, Proprioceptive Therapy, Isokinetic
Trainer, Hot & Cold Therapy, Pulley systems, Treadmills, Exercise.
Equipments. ……
PhysioTherapy Equipments Electrotherapy, Tractions unit‐Couches‐Accessories, Shock Master, Mobile
Laser, Multi‐Stim Combo, 3B advanced Laser …….
Orthopaedic & Orthotics Gel Orthotic Systems, EHM Modual, Heel Elevators, Sports Orthotics, Rear
foot inverting Orthotics, Back Support, Lumbar, Maternity support, Night
Splints, Shoulder‐Wrist‐Knee Braces, PSB Arthritis Care…..
UltraSound Machines Mobile Ultrasound, 2/4Channel Multi‐stims, Accusonic, LIPUS, Spinal
Sensor, TENS, Clinical EMG….
Slimming Systems Orenjoy systems, Orenjoy Pressotherapy, Lipocell Evo, Laser, Slim‐Ex
(Isotonic), Bio‐Firm, Lymph Active 2in1 system, Body Complex 4 in1 system,
Body Tune with IR….
Educational Anatomical Models, Charts, Measurements‐ Goniometer, Nebulizer
Exercise Machines & Equipments TreadMills, Recumbent Bike, Seat Ergometer, Pulley Systems, Multi Trainer,
Exercise systems, Strength training systems etc……


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