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Arm Trainer R/L

Arm Trainer R/L
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Model: NX-4
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Display interface: Magnificent computer virtual operation interface with 32 inches LED TV. 

Sensor technology: Adopts non touch angle sensor and pressure sensor. 

Training mode: single left and right hand training. Left and right forearms are equipped. 

Software recognition function: left and right hands can be recognized intelligently. 

Evaluation function: Evaluate patient’s joints motion range and grip force. The evaluation results are showed by 3D and plane graph. 

Evaluation reports are created which can be used for evaluating patient’s rehabilitation status for the therapist. 

Shoulder joint adduction and extortion evaluation ranges: 0~150 ° 

Shoulder joint antler flexion evaluation ranges: 0~80 ° 

Elbow joint flexion evaluation ranges: 0~135 ° 

Distal radioulnar joint phonation and sup nation evaluation ranges: 0~180 

Grip force evaluation ranges: 0~10 Kg 

Patient data base: Records patient’s basic information, evaluation Result and all the training data. Evaluation result and training data can be exchanged to EXCEL files which are convenient to print. 

Patient information contains name, gender, age and myo dynamic degree.

Training data contains training arm, time, date, difficulty, grip force and scores. 

Visual and audio feedback provide real time virtual training scene, training voice prompt and scene sound effect. 

Training modes: 1D, 2D, 3D 20 training games

Software update: Software interface and games numbers update. Hand Training. 

Voltage: AC220V/50Hz 

Power: 130VA 

Upper arm length: 22cm~31 cm 

Lower arm length: 24~40 cm 

Arm height: 98~138 cm 

Arm horizontal adjusting length: 0~80 cm 

Upper arm gravity compensation: 0~10 Kg 

Lower arm gravity compensation: 0~5 Kg 

Number of joints mechanical locking device: 4 

Sampling frequency of joint motion range: 128 Hz 

Angle sensor sensitivity: 2 mv/N


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