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Electro Magnetic Stimulator

Electro Magnetic Stimulator
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Model: CR-3000
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Human body is a good conducting medium and also conductive to magnetic field. Once high-power pulsed magnetic field is transmitted momentarily, human tissues are stimulated as magnetic field penetrates, and this stimulates nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels consecutively. Unlike general electric stimulation, stimulation generated by strong magnetic field affects deep inside the body because it penetrates, not just stimulates the surface. Through stimulation on the muscular tissue and nerve tissue, SALUS-TALENT treats pain control and stimulates blood vessel.Consequently, it can directly induce bloodstream.


• Attract patients with its increasing treatment satisfaction

• No maintenance or expendable cost needed

• Differentiated treatment from other hospitals

• Easy operation method to learn in 5min.

• For each patient, only 1min. and under is required for operation

• Tissue, muscle, joint, and bone treatment site expansion

• Complimentary treatment for IMS, Prolo TX, TPI, etc

• Solution for joint pain treatment which wasn’t possible with existing treatments

• Comfortable painless treatment


Magnetic induction amplitude(intensity) : 2.5T Shape of stimulation pulse : Symmetric biphasic

Pulse duration : 450 μs

Max. Stimulation Freq. : 50Hz w/ max. magnetic  induction


• Disorders on backbone

• Nerve disorders

• Musculoskeletal disorders

• For rehabilitation purpose on nerve or muscle after fracture



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